Welcome to your new life and a supportive community of like minded people!
Supportive Community
- Are you lost and not sure which way is up in this world?
- Do you need support and no one seems to understand what you need?
- Friends and Family have labelled you and you can no longer talk to them because you make them uncomfortable?
- Seeing the world in a new way - but everyone else is attached to the OLD ways?
- Having lots of seemingly uncontrollable emotions - sadness, grieving, anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, etc...
- Always feel beat up or misunderstood?
- Want more from life and are lost how to find it because the "world makes no sense?"
- Want to build a new foundation for living based on Self-Responsibility, Accountability and Vulnerability with others that want the same?
Shining a NEW Light into the WORLD!
Working together with Awakening Individuals to create a new foundation to live from to heal and transform ourselves rapidly.
Creating Safe and Held spaces for people to join together in deepest vulnerability to share  about our lives so we can see we are not the "only one" or that we are not damaged or broken in having these past experiences.
Supporting people in trigger and emotion to support and give them the tools and spaces to explore these places within themselves so they can eventually heal themselves from all that has defined or kept them held back from living a life of Self LOVE, self value, self respect and respect for ALL.
Building confidence, courage and happiness within so we can share this LIGHT with all we interact with in this NEW REALITY we are all creating for ourselves.
For EMERGENCY HELP - click this link to download our Survival Guide for Change
I Need HELP NOW...
In this time of massive upheaval, change and new truth emerging, it might feel like we are out of control, crazy or that the whole world has fallen out from under us.
We are here to help guide you out of this fear, insanity and perceived Darkness.
You are NOT ALONE.   A great many are feeling the same things and it is NORMAL - the world is changing and shifting very rapidly and it can create a lot of FEAR, ANXIETY, SADNESS, DEPRESSION, etc

We have a group of GIFTED GUIDES that are ready to assist you in your time of need.   Click the link below to see a list of GUIDES that you can contact for HELP if you cannot cope or have no idea where to turn.
Contact US

Director/Wayshower - Paul Hanrieder -

Wayshower - Anya Day

Currently we are offering one on one support services for anyone that may need assistance in this time of great change.  We also have a Group Facebook page:
Where we all support each other in our journeys' and create new ways of living and co-creating for a new better world of Light and Love.